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About  XYZ Stream Hosting

XYZ Stream Hosting is owned and operated by XYZMP3.com INC.  XYZ  Stream Hosting is a managed service solution provider and is a leading, global provider of proprietary IP-based audio and video enablement technologies; including video-centric, interactive marketing solutions. Through its end-to-end platform, XYZ works closely with consumer brands, content providers, and telecommunication companies to maximize the value of media content delivered via the Internet, mobile networks, gaming consoles, IPTV set-top boxes, and digital media storage devices. The XYZ platform allows clients to publish, manage, and distribute digital audio and video content; as well as build online/mobile communities with integrated advertising and media sales.

Distributing Streaming Media Content Today

The media distribution process at this point is fragmented at its best and unmanageable at its worst. XYZ brings all of the end points for media consumption and delivery under one umbrella; allowing content providers an affordable solution to deliver their media while giving consumers access to the content in their preferred medium. The XYZ Digital Media Distribution Platform receives the data then prepares it for distribution in the needed format. The platform brings what was a multifaceted plan that often involved making choices at the expense of end users to a single, all-inclusive content server platform that serves everyone.

Managed Services

XYZ offers managed data services and streaming media solutions for content providers and is partnered with Peer1, Serverbeach and Hostway to bring robust media delivery solutions to market. Currently, the XYZ service offering accommodates small to large broadcasters and provides scalable streaming media  solutions to meet the needs of it’s customers. This includes options for shared streaming servers, dedicated server offerings or  CDN delivery. Currently XYZ Stream Hosting delivers content for over 700 streaming radio stations and media companies via its consumer website. XYZ offers businesses a full range of interactive delivery solutions. XYZ Stream Hosting can be reached at (512) 535-6459.

We are the stream hosting professionals you can count on.

XYZ Stream Hosting offers the best in class streaming media delivery at the lowest rates, guaranteed.