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Live Radio Stream Hosting For Audio Broadcasters
Complete Radio Streaming Services, Shoutcast Hosting
XYZ Builds and Host Radio Websites for Radio Stations

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XYZ Stream Hosting provides affordable stream hosting services with Any Screen Delivery

Affordable Audio & Video Stream Hosting Services

XYZ Stream Hosting provides affordable audio and video stream hosting services for all internet broadcasters. Xyz Stream Hosting offers scalable streaming servers for live and on-demand video broadcast, internet radio stations and video cloud storage that meet the need of today’s internet broadcasters. XYZ Stream Hosting offers secure WordPress web site development and hosting. WordPress website features include secure live and on demand, audio and video stream hosting for WordPress. XYZ also develops internet radio websites with live media players, ad modules to monetize the website with secure playback view pages with controlled access. XYZ Stream Hosting provides web development services for Podcast driven websites and offers best in class stream hosting delivery services. XYZ Stream Hosting is your ideal stream hosting service provider with any screen delivery.

Since 2008 XYZ Stream Hosting is the streaming media solutions provider you can count on to deliver high availability turnkey radio and video stream hosting services for your company or organization. Our professional staff will work with you to develop the perfect solution to meet your streaming server needs today while positioning you to easily expand your stream hosting solution tomorrow.  Our customers are our partners.  We are only successful if they are. XYZ makes streaming simple and affordable. Stream radio, video or on-demand content to any screen. XYZ Stream Hosting also builds, hosts and manages web streaming applications. XYZ can build you a media solution for delivering content to iPhones, iPads, Android Phones, Tablets, Windows Applications, Roku and other PC applications. We provide affordable stream hosting and cloud video storage your company can rely on. Contact an XYZ Streaming Solutions Specialist today to map out the perfect solution for you.


Live Stream Hosting and Service

XYZ Stream Hosting Live Stream Hosting and Service

Live Streaming Experts

Live Streaming Experts

XYZ SteamHosting are the live streaming experts that provide dedicated support and helps with everything from getting your live streaming environment set up to streaming app development. Our customers realize faster and more affordable streaming deployments and we pick up the phone when they call for support.

Cloud-Based Streaming Service

Cloud-Based Streaming Service

XYZ Stream Hosting’s cloud-based streaming service was designed for complete flexibility and is the ideal live-event streaming solution with simple setup and easy integration into custom applications and streaming work environments.

Video Stream Hosting Services

Security Camera Streaming

Security Camera Streaming

XYZ STREAMHOSTING stream any rtsp enabled security IP network cameras anywhere, 24/7. No computers, encoders or special hardware required.

Real-time stream hosting and delivery for IP enabled network cameras. No computers, encoders or special hardware required. Display network cameras publicly on any website or privately with secured access via smart phone, tablet or PC.  Most RTSP enabled camera vendors are supported, Axis, Hikvision and more. I deal solution for schools, day cares, parks and wildlife areas most public places.

Transit Terminals

Transit Terminals

Informational Transportation Schedule Broadcast

Informational audio & video stream hosting and  delivery solutions for airports, train stations, transit terminals and other commercial public spaces. Ideal solution to distribute and broadcast scheduled announcements, facility information or translated informational announcements.

House Of Worship

House Of Worship

House Of Worship Live Streaming

Global Live and On-Demand stream hosting and streaming media delivery for churches, synagogues, temples, mosques, fellowship halls, evangelical events, and outreach programs.

Live Broadcast Stream Hosting

Live Broadcast Stream Hosting

Live broadcast stream hosting and On-Demand audio and video streaming media delivery for television studios, production facilities, cable companies, satellite providers, mobile media broadcast systems and radio stations.

Courtroom & Legal

Courtroom & Legal

live streaming for courtrooms

Open and secure live streaming broadcast solutions for law schools and courtroom proceedings. Making content available live and on demand via secure delivery websites ideal for depositions and court cases.



Live Streaming For Schools and Universities

Live and On Demand streaming media delivery for classrooms, lecture halls, sporting events, distance learning and auditoriums. Delivering streaming audio and video from elementary to university level schools.

Corporate Streaming Services

Corporate Streaming Services

Live Streaming Corporate Broadcast

Live and on-demand corporate streaming services for corporate boardrooms, conference rooms, training, and other corporate venues. Stream live and on-demand video and make your presentations available to your corporate team through private closed room secure websites. Ideal stream hosting service for corporate quarterly reports team meetings and training.

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Live Streaming for Government, States, and City Agencies

Live Streaming for Government, States, and City Agencies

Governemnet NGO Live Streaming

Numerous federal, state and regional authorities who want to provide transparency to their citizens. Live and On Demand streaming provides the approach to deliver public service announcements, meetings or board of trustees sessions effectively to their citizens over the Internet. Having the capacity to deliver these sessions live or on demand makes it easier for residents to be more informed with the political procedures taking place in their community. For most rural municipalities, neighborhood governments, streaming is a simple affordable option to broadcasting on TV.

Streaming Encoder Solutions

Extron Stream Hosting
Barix Audio Streaming Media Solutions
OBS Studio
Extron Stream Hosting

Extron Stream Hosting



All Extron Encoder “SMP & SME” Stream Hosting.

XYZ Stream Hosting provides live RTMP and RTSP stream hosting with secure Video On Demand delivery for all Extron SMP and SME encoders. XYZ has a long working relationship with Extron and has provides rock solid streaming media deliver and support for all its video encoding products for years now. XYZ is your choice for all Extron Encoder SME, SMP stream hosting.

XYZ Stream Hosting Extron Encoder Services Include:

  • Live RTSP, RTMP Video Streaming solutions for all Extron Streaming Media Video Encoders
  • Direct Video On Demand Hosting and FTP Solutions for Extron Video Encoders
  • Secure Online Video Storage Websites with CMS and protected User Access Accessibility
  • Share Point Video Playback Solutions
  • Complete Technical Support For All Extron SMP, SME Encoders
  • Video On Demand distribution for video broadcast after live streaming events via secure or public web sites

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Barix Audio Streaming Media Solutions

Barix Audio Streaming Media Solutions

Global stream hosting and delivery for all Barix products

Audio Streaming Solutions For Barix Audio Encoders/Decoders

XYZ Stream Hosting provides end to end streaming media delivery for all Barix products. Barix is used in thousands of installations worldwide and provides versatile, network-enabled, audio IP encoder suitable for audio distribution, monitoring and transmission purposes in Broadcast, Retail, Security and Entertainment industries alike.

Streaming Media Solutions Include:

  • Scalable Shoutcast, Icecast Internet Radio Streaming
  • RTMP Audio Streaming
  • MP3, AACplus, Audio Streaming
  • Scalable Regionalized Audio Streaming Solutions
OBS Studio

OBS Studio

OBS is a free and open-source software suite for recording and live streaming encoding. 

OBS Live Streaming

OBS Streaming Live Streaming Media Solutions Include:

  • Real-time source and device capture, scene composition, encoding, recording, and broadcasting.
  • Scalable RTMP video streaming and global delivery
  • Video encoding and streaming, OBS is capable of H.264/MPEG-4 AVC format and the H.265/HEVC format. Audio can be encoded using either the MP3 or AAC codecs
  • Video On Demand distribution for video broadcast after live streaming events via secure or public web sites/li>



Hosted Streaming Server Technologies

Need a shared or dedicated streaming media environment for your business.

XYZ Stream hosting can host, manage and maintain your streaming media environment and is a professional integrator for these streaming server platforms.

Video Hosting Features

XYZ Stream Hosting offers robust video hosting features to deliver your streaming video around the globe.

Service Plans

XYZStreamHosting has a streaming media plan for any size customer

Shared Streaming
Small to Medium sized Broadcasters up to 1000 concurrent users
• Multi format delivery,
• Includes bandwidth and server monitoring,
• Instant activation,
• Up and running in less than 15 minutes,
• Point your encoder to us and start streaming to PC's mobile phones and set top boxes,
• Reporting.
Dedicated Streaming
Broadcasters looking to stream to 1,000+ to 3,500 concurrent users
• Ideal for broadcasters that need their own infrastructure.
• Multi format delivery,
• Includes bandwidth and server monitoring,
• Dedicated streaming servers,
• Development API,
• Custom applications and delivery,
• Reporting.
CDN Delivery
Broadcasters looking to stream to 3500+ concurrent users
• Ideal for large broadcasters who need regional and global delivery,
• Multi format delivery,
• Includes bandwidth and server monitoring,
• Dedicated streaming servers and infrastructure,
• Ideal for custom applications and delivery,
• Designed for high traffic and delivery for live and on demand streaming applications.

Delivery Network

XYZ Streaming Media Deliver Network

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