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Live funeral streaming of memorial services

Today the live streaming of funerals and memorial service is becoming a popular service that mortuaries are now offering families. Live video streaming is a term used to depict the transmission of a real time event that is filmed and broadcast over the Internet (generally sound and video) in a ceaseless video feed like you would see on television. The term live streaming means the event is happening in real time so you can watch the event when it happens. Online memorial or funeral streaming service is the broadcast of a memorial service or burial service as it happens continuously.

Live Streaming for funerals and memorial services
Live streaming of funerals

Live video streaming funerals is a moderately new innovation presently being offered by various Funeral homes and memorial service suppliers which permits grievers who can’t go to a burial service a chance to watch the memorial service remotely from on online media capable device like a PC, Mobile Phone or Tablet.

Who offers online funeral streaming services?

Funeral streaming service is a relatively new space that is becoming popular with churches, mortuaries and burial service providers who supply live streaming capabilities for their customers that have video cameras mounted strategically within the chapel where the funeral service will take place. Different encoding software tied to the video camera system is launched to begin a live streaming event or live streaming video feed at an appointed time. When that time arrives, the cameras will switch on automatically and transmit the funeral service live over the Internet, also the system may be able to do some recording at the same time.

Usually, the funeral provider will give mourners and family members access to the event’s recording for a period of time after the day of the live event. This gives extended family and those who are not able to view the service live a chance to watch the recorded version online at a more convenient time.

Additional requirements for live streaming a funeral or event live.

At the place of broadcast meaning the funeral home, church, or burial site one must have bandwidth available via a wired connection or a wireless connection. The main concern is the up speed of the connection because this is going to dictate the quality of the live video stream or transmission. What this means is the quality of the video shown to the end-user will be 100% dependent on the up speed and quality of the Internet connection. So let’s just say you only had 1.5 megs “1500Kb” upon a wireless connection. What this means is your video feed to the streaming server could only be at the most 1000kb to 1200kb stream so you have a smooth encoding session to the streaming server and not produce a bunch of dropped packets and buffering.  Buffering is the most common problem with streaming, which is where the program’s video packet delivery doesn’t fill up quickly enough, leading to a break in the stream or a reduction in quality. You wouldn’t want to saturate your uplink speed for this reason so this means you most likely produce a smaller quality video feed like an HD720 feed versus a 1080P feed.

Who offers online video streaming services for Funeral Homes and live streaming servers for broadcast?

If you are a funeral home or church XYZ Stream Hosting can help get you started with live video streaming and the archiving of video of your memorial services, sermons, and live events. XYZ Stream Hosting has provided live streaming services for over 12 years and can walk you through establishing a live video streaming environment for your facilities. XYZ Stream Hosting offers a complete solution for streaming live events from affordable broadcast server solutions, media and video storage capable websites that are the ideal application for any funeral home or church that wants to supply live funeral streaming services.

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