Covid-19 Stream Hosting

Covid-19 Stream Hosting

Covid-19 Stream Hosting For Churches, Schools, Businesses and Public Events

XYZ Stream Hosting provides an affordable solution for emergency Covid-19 stream hosting for government agencies, NGO’s, churches, schools, businesses, and public events. To stop the spread of the virus public health officials have begun urging people to cancel meeting type environments or public events with more than 250 people gathering together. If your company, school, church or event is looking to take your gatherings online XYZ Stream Hosting has an affordable streaming media solution for you.

Novel Covid-19 Corona Virus

What is Covid-19 Corona Virus

Coronaviruses (CoV) come from a large family of viruses that cause illness ranging from the common cold to more severe diseases such as Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS-CoV) and Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS-CoV). The Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) is a new strain that was discovered in 2019 that was not previously identified in humans. The strain of the virus we are seeing today called 2019 Novel Cornavirus (2019-nCoV) is highly contagious and easily transmitted between people and has become a global pandemic. To stop the spread of the noval corona virus around the globe and here in America employers, are urged to enable their employees to work from home and telecommute. Public gatherings and events such as concerts, church gatherings, and schools have been closed and officials say indefinite closures are a real possibility thus leading administration teams scrambling to start or enhance a virtual online streaming program.

Carona Virus Transmission

Covid-19 is a highly infectious virus and is transmitted mainly from person to person

  • Between people who are in close contact with one another (within about 6 feet)
  • Through respiratory droplets produced when an infected person coughs or sneezes

Get the latest information from the CDC to learn more about how Covid-19 is spread

Where Do Corona Viruses Come From?

Coronaviruses are zoonotic, meaning they are transmitted between animals and people.  Detailed investigations found that SARS-CoV was transmitted from civet cats to humans and MERS-CoV from dromedary camels to humans. Several known coronaviruses are circulating in animals that have not yet infected humans.

Common signs of infection include respiratory symptoms, fever, cough, shortness of breath and breathing difficulties. In more severe cases, the infection can cause pneumonia, severe acute respiratory syndrome, kidney failure, and even death.

Standard recommendations to prevent infection spread include regular hand washing, covering mouth and nose when coughing and sneezing, thoroughly cooking meat and eggs. Avoid close contact with anyone showing symptoms of respiratory illness such as coughing and sneezing.

How To Protect Yourself From Covid-19

The CDC has provided a step by step resource on how to protect your self from the spread of the Covid-19 Corona Virus. Please visit their site for more information.

Older adults and people who have severe underlying chronic medical conditions like heart or lung disease or diabetes seem to be at higher risk for developing more serious complications from COVID-19 illness. Please consult with your health care provider about additional steps you may be able to take to protect yourself.

What To Do If You Become Sick

Call your doctor:  If you think you have been exposed to COVID-19 and develop a fever and symptoms, such as cough or difficulty breathing, call your healthcare provider for medical advice. The US Government and state public health agencies are working around the clock to provide remote drive-up testing facilities and affordable or free health care to combat the virus.

Please visit these websites for more information

Covid19 Business Resources

The SBA is working directly with state Governors to provide targeted, low-interest loans to small businesses and non-profits that have been severely impacted by the Coronavirus (COVID-19). The SBA’s Economic Injury Disaster Loan program can provide small businesses with working capital loans of up to $2 million that can assist vital economic support to small businesses to help overcome the temporary loss of revenue they are experiencing.

Provided  is a list of SBA Resources For Small Businesses

For more information on the SBA’s Economic Injury Disaster Loans at:

Stream Hosting Service To Help Combat Covid-19

Funeral Streaming

Funeral Streaming

Live funeral streaming of memorial services

Today the live streaming of funerals and memorial service is becoming a popular service that mortuaries are now offering families. Live video streaming is a term used to depict the transmission of a real time event that is filmed and broadcast over the Internet (generally sound and video) in a ceaseless video feed like you would see on television. The term live streaming means the event is happening in real time so you can watch the event when it happens. Online memorial or funeral streaming service is the broadcast of a memorial service or burial service as it happens continuously.

Live Streaming for funerals and memorial services
Live streaming of funerals

Live video streaming funerals is a moderately new innovation presently being offered by various Funeral homes and  memorial service suppliers which permits grievers who can’t go to a burial service a chance to watch the memorial service remotely from on online media capable device like a PC, Mobile Phone or Tablet.

Who offers online funeral streaming services?

Funeral streaming service is a relatively new space that is becoming popular with churches, mortuaries and burial service providers who supply live streaming capabilities for their customers that have video cameras mounted strategically within the chapel where the funeral service will take place. Different encoding software tied to the video cameras system is launched to begin a live streaming event or live streaming video feed at an appointed time. When that time arrives, the cameras will switch on automatically and transmit the funeral service live over the Internet, also the system may be able to do some recording it at the same time.

Usually the funeral provider will give mourners and family members access to the event’s recording for a period of time after the day of the live event. This gives extended family and those who are not able to view the service live a chance to watch the recorded version online at a more convenient time.

Additional requirements for live streaming a funeral or event live.

At the place of broadcast meaning the funeral home, church or burial site one must have bandwidth available via a wired connection or a wireless connection. The main concern is the up speed of the connection because this is going to dictate the quality of the live video stream or transmission. What this means is the quality of the video shown to the end user will be 100% dependent on the up speed and quality of the Internet connection. So lets just say you only had 1.5 megs “1500Kb” up on a wireless connection. What this means is your video feed to the streaming server could only be at the most 1000kb to 1200kb stream so you have a smooth encoding session to the streaming server and not produce a bunch of dropped packets and buffering.  Buffering is the most common problem with streaming, which is where the program’s video packet delivery doesn’t fill up quickly enough, leading to a break in the stream or a reduction in quality. You wouldn’t want to saturate your up link speed for this reason so this means you most likely produce a smaller quality video feed like an HD720 feed versus a 1080P feed.

Who offers online video streaming services for Funeral Homes and live streaming servers for broadcast?

If you are a funeral home or church XYZ Stream Hosting can help get you started with live video streaming and the archiving of video of your memorial services, sermons and live events. XYZ Stream Hosting has provided live streaming services for over 12 years and can walk you through establishing a live video streaming environment for your facilities. XYZ Stream Hosting offers a complete solution for streaming live events from affordable broadcast server solutions, media and video storage capable websites that are the ideal application for any funeral home or church who wants to supply live funeral streaming services.

Contact XYZ Stream Hosting for more information
XYZ Stream Hosting

Stream Hosting and Delivery

Stream Hosting and Delivery

Stream Hosting 101

In this article we are going to discuss everything you need to know about stream hosting, which includes live audio and video streaming and video on demand. The first thing you need to understand is that streaming audio and video content requires distributing large file types real time that demand lots of resources to serve to your viewers or listeners. Traditionally appliance based servers or groups of servers are usually required to ensure that all of your content reaches your users in a timely fashion. These servers usually talk to each other in distributing the content to help regionalize content distribution so people in different parts of the world can receive your media in a timely fashion.  In this article, we’ll guide you to the best options for delivering streaming content to your customers.

Why Streaming Needs Specialized Stream Hosting

On a small very scale most of your bargain web hosting plans can accommodate the resources to make available a direct download mp3 or h264 video file for podcast for playback in HTML5. As your content library grows in size and the amount of programming starts to take on longer viewer or listening times you will soon realize that you will outgrow your hosting environment quite rapidly

XYZ Stream Hosting specializes in stream hosting to deliver audio video files via streaming media servers across the internet
XYZ Stream Hosting specializes in stream hosting to deliver audio and video files via streaming media servers across the internet

If you are running a media intensive website you are going to want a dedicated stream hosting provider like XYZ Streaming Hosting that is designed for media sharing and online content distribution. It can become quite frustrating to your end-users to sit through a video that constantly stops and starts or takes forever to download. For live streaming environments for audio and video you want fluid distribution so listeners and viewers have  the best experience accessing your content. How many of those visitors do you think would return to your site if your content kept dropping out and buffering? It takes time for you to develop that content you want to make sure it gets viewed, streamed and delivered to the person who requested it in a quick and timely manner. Right?

XYZ Stream Hosting alleviates those kinds of issues. XYZ Stream Hosting  offers streaming plans that are made available via cloud distributed regionalized hosting, which takes much of the burden of streaming off the local computer, speeding things up and increasing the delivery fidelity and reliability.

Selecting the right stream hosting provider is vitally important. If your goal is to produce and provide streaming media content, your streaming servers needs to be constantly online. If media disappears halfway through streaming, it’s going to frustrate people, and users are unlikely to revisit the site.

XYZ Stream Hosting host and offers

For more information on stream hosting contact XYZ Stream Hosting

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In Store Audio, Radio Streaming and Hardware all under one roof at NAB 2015

In Store Audio, Radio Streaming and Hardware all under one roof at NAB 2015

Visit StoreStreams and LineQ at NAB2015 today

StoreStreams, Barix/LineQ and staff members from XYZ Stream Hosting will be in Las Vegas April 11 – 16th at NAB2015. Come meet our team in the Central Hall at booth number C6346 at the Las Vegas Convention Center.  Come by to learn about The StoreStreams In Store Audio Platform that makes retail radio implementations fast and simple. The Store Streams In Store Audio Platform offers a complete streaming radio solution for all retailers and Audio Visual service companies who install Digital Signage products. StoreStreams offers a fully licensed in store audio platform for all retailers of any size.  The StoreStreams in store audio platform consist of content, licencing, playback hardware, speakers, power amps and streaming media delivery.

StoreStreams and Line Q are located during NAB at the:

Central Hall in booth C6346
Barix Technologies / Line Q Booth
Las Vegas Convention Center
3150 Paradise Road
Las Vegas, NV 89109

For more information visit:
StoreStreams at
LineQ at
arix at


StoreStreams to Offer Turnkey In-Store Radio to Businesses

StoreStreams to Offer Turnkey In-Store Radio to Businesses

Integrated solution removes the headaches of procuring content and licensing, while simplifying deployments and operation through a fully networked system

ST. PAUL, MINNESOTA, February 24, 2015 — The in-store radio architecture is typically a patchwork of systems and components from  different sources to deliver music and advertising to businesses, with challenging scenarios for licensing music and audio content. The formation of StoreStreams aims to simplify the launch and management of a multi-site in-store radio system, cleanly integrating IT network infrastructure with audio players—and providing the content, licensing and user interface to ensure a unified and profitable service.

StoreStreams brings together the music catalog and network intelligence of XYZ Stream Hosting, a specialist in live, multiplatform content delivery; with end point hardware supplied through LineQ, a distributor specializing in networked AV equipment. LineQ will supply Ecler Sound amplifiers, Cornered Sound loudspeakers and media players from Barix, an IP audio pioneer with hundreds of thousands of hardware players in deployment worldwide. Furthermore, the service operates on a contract-free, month-to-month basis for maximum operational flexibility.

The StoreStreams service will focus specifically on streaming content to network operators and retail businesses that want a wide selection of music channels, without the headaches of procuring and licensing content. A clean and intuitive interface will allow curators and program managers to build playlists and manage content with ease. Included within the management application is the ability to structure and schedule ad placement, station ID’s and promotional material. For resellers and integrators, the complete integrated package minimizes components and eliminates installation headaches, further accelerating deployments.

Perhaps above all, the reliability of the cloud-based, redundant streaming architecture will ensure a live, branded streaming service with high availability for networks of any scale—ensuring a dynamic, high-quality and uninterrupted in-store radio experience.

“Utilizing 21 data centers, StoreStreams serves retail businesses nationwide with hyper-regionalized content and customized services directly from the data center closest to each business location,” said Charles Odom, vice president of marketing, StoreStreams. “And through our multichannel music library and licensing agreements, our customers will have access to the most up-to-date content with full legality.”

Will Schmidt, vice president of sales for LineQ, adds that packaging the content and licensing into an integrated solution with streaming, content management, and end point tools also makes StoreStreams an ideal platform for content curators. By including content and licensing, curators can manage audio programming for retail businesses without getting involved in the legal aspects of the in-store media business.

“By aligning everything under one management system and offering comfortable month-to-month contracts, StoreStreams and LineQ have a recipe for anyone to succeed at in-store radio,” said Schmidt, adding that the entire solution is engineered to deliver an absorbing retail customer experience. “The placement of the servers and optimization of end points for consistency in live streaming is all designed to provide superior performance. This is a service that is built to satisfy customers for the long haul.”

LineQ is currently offering six months of free service with the purchase of an endpoint device, such as the Barix Exstreamer—the device that receives, decodes and plays out audio content inside stores. The complete solution will be available by end of February.
About StoreStreams

StoreStreams is the turnkey in-store audio solution that integrates seamlessly within retail environments, providing access to a wide-ranging music catalog that complements the atmosphere of any business.  Founded by musicians and music lovers, StoreStreams creates customized, branded radio channels that remove the elevator music stigma, and is driven by technology that ensures the highest quality sound.  StoreStreams also ensures the highest possible uptime for live streaming services without interruption through its regionalized, redundant server environments, offering reliable and scalable services for both the single retail storefront and large business networks with thousands of locations.

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XYZ Stream Hosting to Raise the Curtain on a New Era for Content Delivery at NAB

XYZ Stream Hosting to Raise the Curtain on a New Era for Content Delivery at NAB

By XYZ Stream Team

LAS VEGAS – XYZ Stream Hosting will join some of the most influential players in the broadcast, media and entertainment industry at the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) show, which kicks off April 5.

During the NAB — which runs from April 5-10 in Las Vegas and with an estimated 93,000 attendees from more than 156 countries — the XYZ team will be participating in the SPROCKIT program. The SPROCKIT program is designed for game-changing companies in the media and entertainment industry to demonstrate solutions to key industry executives, decision-makers and influencers at leading media and entertainment companies.

Charles Odom, vice president of sales and marketing for XYZ Stream Hosting, will address show attendees on Monday April 7 at 4:30 p.m. PT and discuss the changing industry landscape and how XYZ’s capabilities and vision are helping to power the future for media and entertainment.

In addition to the Odom’s pitch presentation, The XYZ Stream Team of experts will be on-hand in the  SPROCKIT Hub (Booth #C2455-J2 in the Las Vegas Convention Center) to discuss how the company’s Phoenix platform is changing the way companies deliver digital content.

“XYZ Stream Hosting is looking forward to meeting and sharing ideas with our fellow SPROCKIT companies at NAB,’’ said Roland DeLeon, CEO and founder of XYZ Stream Hosting. “There is a transformation underway today in the media and entertainment industry. As the way digital content is distributed and delivered changes, XYZ is helping to drive this evolution.’’

Come visit us at the show. Follow us on Twitter at @StreamXYZ.

PEER 1 Rolls Out EMC Atmos Globally Distributed Cloud Storage for Innovative Storage-as-a-Service

EMC Atmos Speeds Time to Market; Provides Highly Available, Flexible, and Cost-Efficient Self-Service Cloud Storage

HOPKINTON, Mass., July 18, 2011

EMC Corporation (NYSE:EMC) today announced that PEER 1 Hosting, one of the top hosting providers in the world with 12,000 customers, has deployed EMC® Atmos™ globally distributed cloud storage as the foundation of its CloudOne Storage, a self-service, metered storage solution. Powered by EMC Atmos, which provides powerful and efficient management of globally distributed cloud storage and big data environments, PEER 1’s CloudOne storage provides customers with a highly flexible, cost-efficient and reliable storage-as-a-service solution for content and data storage, backup and archiving, off-loading of large media objects and virtually any other data requirement.

Dax Moreno, General Manager of ServerBeach, PEER 1 Hosting’s dedicated server division, said, “We did an exhaustive evaluation of eight cloud providers, but EMC was the only one that offered a completely integrated software and hardware cloud storage solution. We were also impressed with EMC’s big R&D investments in cloud. We avoided having to start from scratch and build our own solution or buy pieces from different vendors. So we were able to go to market much faster by deploying EMC Atmos’ robust and proven cloud storage.”

With headquarters in Vancouver and 17 data centers worldwide, PEER 1 Hosting’s deployment of EMC Atmos has provided them with the ability to scale to unlimited capacities. The solution incorporates key features of EMC Atmos software, including GeoProtect for advanced data protection, Atmos Web Service APIs for integrating customers’ Internet-based applications with CloudOne Storage, and multi-tenancy to enable PEER 1 Hosting to securely and efficiently serve multiple applications from a single cloud infrastructure.

John Hamner, Product Manager, PEER 1 Hosting said, “Atmos has a lot of built-in flexibility because we can easily set different policies to match the different cost and availability requirements of our cloud storage customers. We want to make sure that CloudOne Storage provides not just raw storage but also the high availability our customers demand. Additionally, with Atmos’ GeoProtect, we get sophisticated data protection that is designed specifically for cloud environments.”

One of PEER 1 Hosting’s objectives is to make sign up and access to CloudOne easy. “Our go-to-market strategy is to make CloudOne Storage just three clicks away from any customer that wants it,” stated Hamner. “EMC Atmos helped us reach that goal and in addition, using the new Atmos APIs, we are able to customize the fit for our customer’s offerings and tap into a number of different markets such as streaming media or desktop backups.”

One such customer is, which distributes digital music and video to consumers through a variety of devices such as game systems, digital video recorders, smart phones and PCs.

Roland DeLeon, CEO of, explained, “By leveraging the Atmos API, we have our digital media streaming application tightly integrated with CloudOne Storage. This has really accelerated our go-to-market strategy because artists, producers and media outlets can use our offering to more rapidly distribute their creative music and video content across a wide variety of channels.”

“Instead of simply storing our customers’ data,” Moreno adds, “we’re able to cache the popular content on servers, use site accelerators to distribute it a lot quicker, and provide faster page loads and response times. As higher-quality video and music becomes more pervasive on the Web, our cloud storage offering is expanding its role as a huge market enabler for our customers.”

About EMC

EMC Corporation is a global leader in enabling businesses and service providers to transform their operations and deliver IT as a service. Fundamental to this transformation is cloud computing.  Through innovative products and services, EMC accelerates the journey to cloud computing, helping IT departments to store, manage, protect and analyze their most valuable asset — information — in a more agile, trusted and cost-efficient way. Additional information about EMC can be found at

Press Contacts

Katryn McGaughey

Lehigh Carbon Community College and XYZMP3© combine efforts to broadcast President Obama’s Washington to Main Street Tour

Lehigh Carbon Community College and XYZMP3© combine efforts to broadcast President Obama’s Washington to Main Street Tour

WXLV 90.3FM, the radio station of Lehigh Carbon Community College (LCCC), achieved the first-ever transmission to all video-enabled dissimilar mobile devices of President Obama’s visit on December 4th, 2009.  In order to facilitate this, Harry Snodgrass, program director for WXLV enlisted the service of  The resulting convergence of media was facilitated by XYZMP3’s  groundbreaking Digital Media Distribution Platform.

XYZMP3 and WXLV are excited to have set the precedent and demonstrated the cutting edge in media delivery. The XYZ Platform acts as a digital-asset content management system and delivery network; including the ability to collect subscription or pay-per-view monies from consumers to delivering royalty payments and backend payment fulfillment to sellers.  In addition, the platform allows for “end user specific” advertising opportunities as well as interactive advertising; allowing for direct sales of products to the end user through their preferred media device.

 The devices chosen for our wildly successful experiment were those with the widest consumer bases and the best built-in support for streaming video and audio, other than the traditional web streaming methods.  XYZMP3 developed the applications and provided the delivery network and management system to stream to all the non-traditional devices as well as part of the main streaming feeds.  WXLV’s website had over 400,000 hits during the broadcast. 

The final number of viewers for each device is as follows:

iPhone video – over 130,000

Wii and PS3 video – 25,000

PSP and iPhone audio only – 30,000

Traditional Flash Streaming Video – 12,000

Traditional Streaming audio – 200,000

This effort was achieved with generous donations of time and support from the staff of XYZMP3, as well as the tiny LCCC Information Technology team and volunteers and students at WXLV. Time limitations of less then one week made this a monumental task, but due to the many hours put in by XYZMP3 and WXLV, the event was wildly successful. 

As far as our research has indicated, no one else has ever broadcast a live event, especially one as momentous as a Presidential speech, to all of these devices simultaneously.  The overwhelming positive response confirms the public demand for expansion of traditional media to incorporate this type of technology.  WXLV, LCCC, and XYZMP3 are proud to have led the charge of broadcasting all types of radio, news, and other programming on all types of multimedia devices.  WXLV and LCCC consider our new partner for this event, XYZMP3, the leader in this field.  Through the vision of both the college’s team leader Harry Snodgrass and XYZMP3’s CEO Roland De Leon, this event and marriage of technology became a reality.

The large viewership was achieved by showing the functional IPhone stream to many of the press in attendance at the event. Their comments in social networking venues, blogs, Twitter and phone calls to others helped in spreading the word about our unprecedented accessibility.  Also, XYZMP3, sent out a press release to 250 clients and bloggers.  Due to the viral nature of the Internet, this created a tidal wave of viewers for the launch of President Obama’s White House to Main Street Tour.

About WXLV

WXLV is the radio station of LCCC.  Through the leadership of its program director Harry Snodgrass, WXLV has embraced the “Free Form” model of radio, allowing on air talent comprised of both students and community volunteers, to play the music they enjoy and can educate the public about.  WXLV utilizes the appointment listening model, which allows listeners to hear the music they enjoy at the same time each week through local FM radio and streaming audio.  WXLV and LCCC hope to continue expanding accessibility of broadcast media to local, national, and worldwide venues. According to Harry Snodgrass, “through convergence, which includes radio, multimedia and all other forms of broadcasting, it is our vision to take radio to the next level of interactivity and distribution, and become a leader in this new technology landscape.”  WXLV and Harry Snodgrass can be reached at 610-799-1145 and at

About XYZMP3

XYZ is a leading, global provider of proprietary IP-based audio and video enablement technologies; including video-centric, interactive marketing solutions. Through its end-to-end platform, XYZ works closely with consumer brands, content providers, and telecommunication companies to maximize the value of media content delivered via the Internet, mobile networks, gaming consoles, IPTV set-top boxes, and digital media storage devices. The XYZ platform allows clients to publish, manage, and distribute digital audio and video content; as well as build online/mobile communities with integrated advertising and media sales.

“The media distribution process to this point has been fragmented at its best and unmanageable at its worst. will bring all of the end points for media consumption under one umbrella; allowing the consumer to enjoy the content in their preferred medium.” explains Roland Deleon CEO of XYZMP3.  The XYZ Digital Media Distribution Platform receives the data then prepares it for distribution in the needed format.  The platform brings what was a multifaceted plan that often involved making choices at the expense of end users to a single, all-inclusive content server that serves everyone.

Currently, XYZ offers businesses a full range of interactive delivery solutions.  XYZMP3 can be reached at 512/535-6459 and

XYZMP3© to use groundbreaking technology to stream President Obama’s speech to multiple dissimilar devices

XYZMP3© to use groundbreaking technology to stream President Obama’s speech to multiple dissimilar devices

XYZMP3’s Digital Media Distribution platform to stream President’s speech live to iPhone©, PC, Sony PS3©, Sony PSP©, and Nintendo Wii©.

AUSTIN, Texas, December 3, 2009

XYZMP3 INC is proud to announce the convergence of media with its groundbreaking Digital Media Distribution Platform. On Friday December 4 th at 11:00 AM EST, with the cooperation of Lehigh Carbon Community College, the first stop of President Obama’s White House To Main Street Tour will be broadcast live from one distribution point across multiple dissimilar devices including the iPhone©, Sony Playstation3©, Sony PSP©, Nintendo Wii©, and PC.

“The media distribution process to this point has been fragmented at its best, and unmanageable at its worst. will bring all of the end points for media consumption under one umbrella; allowing the consumer to enjoy the content in their preferred medium,” explains Roland Deleon, CEO of XYZMP3. The XYZ Digital Media Distribution Platform receives the data and prepares it for distribution in the needed format. The platform obsoletes multifaceted plans of the past which made sacrifices at expense of end users. In its place is a single, all-inclusive content server that serves everyone.

XYZ is excited about the opportunity to demonstrate the cutting edge of media delivery for the months and years ahead. The Platform acts as a digital-asset content management system and delivery network; including the ability collect subscription or pay-per-view monies from consumers, delivering royalty payments, and backend payment fulfillment to sellers. In addition, the Platform allows for “end user specific” advertising opportunities as well as interactive advertising; allowing for direct sales of products to the end user through their preferred media device.

Lehigh Carbon Community College and their student radio station, WXLV, are thrilled to be involved in the launch of this pioneering technology. Not only will this partnership bring President Obama’s speech to the widest possible multimedia market, but will allow for a world of opportunities in multicast streaming in the future.

About XYZMP3 / XYZStream Hosting
XYZ is a leading, global provider of proprietary IP-based audio and video
enablement technologies; including video-centric, interactive marketing solutions. Through its end-to-end platform, XYZ works closely with consumer brands, content providers, and telecommunication companies to maximize the value of media content delivered via the Internet, mobile networks, gaming consoles, IPTV set-top boxes, and digital media storage devices. The XYZ platform allows clients to publish, manage, and distribute digital audio and video content; as well as build online/mobile communities with integrated advertising and media sales. Currently, XYZ offers businesses a full range of streaming interactive delivery solutions. / XYZ Stream Hosting