Extron Encoder Stream Hosting

Extron Encoder stream hosting, streaming media delivery solutions for all Extron Video Encoders.

XYZ Stream Hosting provides RTMP, RTSP, Secure Live & Video On Demand Stream Hosting for all Extron SMP, SME Encoders.

Extron Encoder Live Streaming Solutions

XYZ Stream Hosting provides affordable streaming media delivery solutions for all Extron Encoders. All Extron SMP and SME live streaming encoders offer a high performance recording and  streaming application for capturing and distributing AV sources and presentations as recorded media or  broadcasting for live streaming distribution over the internet. SMP version encoders can record and stream simultaneously and can stream at two different resolutions and bit rates concurrently using a range of transport protocols and session management options. With no recurring licensing fees and comprehensive control and configuration features, the SMP family of encoders provides a cost-effective,  solution for delivering presentations to a larger audience.

XYZ Stream Hosting Supported Extron Encoders

Extron Video On Demand Solutions

AV Recording with Enhanced Data

Extron SMP streaming media encoders produce videos in an MP4 (M4V) container format, which is compatible with virtually any media player. It records at 480p, 720p, or 1080p resolutions, supporting a variety of quality, storage, and playback requirements. Recordings can include metadata with information such as Title, Creator, Subject, Description, Publisher, Contributor, and Date, which makes searching, indexing, and managing multiple recordings more efficient. Set chapter marks during recording sessions for highly efficient searching and scanning during file playback. JPEG thumbnail images are captured periodically and for specially marked events. Thumbnail image size is selectable in order to meet the needs of the recording environment.

MP4 recordings can be saved to internal solid-state storage, a USB storage device, or a defined network storage directory. USB storage devices connect easily to the SMP’s front or rear panel. The approximate capacity in hours for a 32 GB thumb drive, the SMP’s internal solid-state storage, and a 1 TB network drive is presented in the table below. Hours of storage capacity are calculated for video bit rates from 1 Mbps to 10 Mbps plus 192 kbps for audio.

XYZ Stream Hosting provides secure video locker storage web hosting  with dual factor authentication that can be tied to the SMP encoder’s upload application. The XYZ video locker websites are ideal for companies who want to keep their corporate video presentations private for internal company wide viewing in an contained secure environment.

XYZ Stream Hosting Services Include:

  • Live RTSP, RTMP Video Streaming solutions for all Extron Streaming Media Video Encoders
  • Direct Video On Demand Hosting and FTP Solutions for Extron Video Encoders
  • Secure Online Video Storage Websites with CMS and protected User Access Accessibility
  • Share Point Video Playback Solutions
  • Stream to any device ” PC,Tablet, Mobile Phone