Corporate streaming services designed for business

Live corporate streaming services designed for business both open to the public and secure

The evolution of corporate streaming services designed for businesses has now made it simple for corporations to broadcast their company meetings, training events or financial disclosures. Ten years ago hosting your own corporate video broadcast platform was unimaginable for most organizations. Streaming video technology and the development of live stream hosting services have made it simple for many corporate entities to broadcast their company’s presentations, training events, and content. The resources required for camera technology, video encoders, and streaming delivery platforms are presently less expensive, more robust and scalable.

Encoding video with hardware encoders or video encoding software

PCs today are both powerful, proficient and affordable. Couple that with newly developed video encoding software or hardware encoding applications the requirement for needing expensive broadcast equipment is now a thing of the past. Today you can use free encoding software or affordable line encoding hardware to enhance your production value to do custom overlays or side by side video presentations that are all done real-time while the live event is going on.

Nowadays it’s conceivable to live stream without the need to procure enormous, costly piles of gear or even to set up complex overlay systems for your corporate streaming video project.

Furthermore, besides streaming live video is now affordable and quite simple.

“So Your Management  Now Wants To Live Stream A  Video Broadcast”

Video is everywhere today and they say a picture is worth a thousand words, a training video or an informative video is most likely worth 1 million words. The video makes it easier for people to follow the information that is being presented or broadcasted. In many large corporations where live streaming isn’t yet a normal practice, the call to broadcast an up and coming corporate event frequently starts from above or the management team.

“Most Managers will hear”

  • “We need to live stream our next all-hands meeting.”
  • “I’d prefer to see us communicate the official arrival of our new product offering.”
  • “We need to ensure that everybody in the group can be tracked during the live streaming event.”

In most cases when you as a manager hear those words from somebody in your administration group, you are going to have to figure out how to get your companies live streaming project going.

Live Streaming, Stream Hosting and the first things that come to mind.

As a manager when taking on this kind of project the first things that come to mind are:

“Can we stream through Facebook, Youtube, Twitch or are any of the Social Networks  As An Option?” popular streaming platforms
At a high level yes but most likely not for the vast majority of corporations who are needing to stream sensitive company information or hold closed meetings for staff only. These are the first platforms that come to mind after having a streaming conversation with your manager. Live streaming video is presently the quickest developing kind of medium on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, and utilizing those communities should most likely be used to market your product or live event to your staff or group of interest.

To put it, Facebook, Twitter, Twitch, and YouTube might be great live streaming choices for marketing and promotion groups, however, they are not appropriate for supporting business-related, closed live streaming sessions, your company will need. Yes, they may be free in most cases but free comes with a cost. Meaning everything you upload or broadcast through those platforms becomes their property and if you have the sensitive company information you are trying to stream, you now have just given it to them.

The Answer Is A Secure Corporate Live Stream Hosting  Solution

XYZ Stream Hosting provides live streaming services for businesses

XYZ Stream Hosting Corporate Stream Hosting for Businesses

XYZ Stream Hosting provides scalable live stream hosting and corporate streaming services for businesses.
We make it simple to broadcast to any device and offer the technical expertise to get your corporation streaming events going.

XYZ Stream Hosting Offers:

  • Less Equipment and Simpler Setup
  • Live Stream Hosting that can accommodate to 1 or 1 million viewers
  • Free encoding Solutions
  • Extron Streaming Encoder Expertise
  • Transcoding to various file formats
  • Video playback on any device
  • Secure control who can watch your live stream
  • Coordinate with single sign-on (SSO) from frameworks, including oAuth, SAML, Active Directory, and Google Apps
  • Integrate with Microsoft Sharepont
  • Multi-camera and multi-screen recording
  • A Better Live Viewing Experience
  • Start late and rewind with live DVR
  • Stream to any device
  • Secure two form authentication branded viewing website with CMS and video repository.
  • Simple video posting and accessible video library
  • 1st class technical support

For more information on establishing a Corporate Broadcast Environment for your company.

Contact XYZ Stream Hosting
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