Extron Stream Hosting

Extron Stream Hosting


Dedicated Stream Hosting For All Extron “SMP & SME” Video Encoders.

XYZ Stream Hosting provides dedicated stream hosting services for all Extron “SMP & SME” video encoders. XYZ Stream Hosting offers live RTMP and RTSP stream hosting with secure Video On Demand delivery for your Extron SMP and SME encoders. XYZ has a long working relationship with Extron and has provided rock-solid streaming media deliver and support for all its video encoding products for over 10 years now. Our staff at XYZ Stream Hosting has a strong working relationship with the Extron product design and support teams thus giving the staff at XYZ Stream Hosting a strong working understanding of how Extron Encoders function and operate in different networked environments. Our support for the product is usually first inline and if it is something that we cannot figure out XYZ Stream Hosting has counterpart support technicians at Extron we works closely with. This is why XYZ is your number one choice for providing dedicated stream hosting services and support for all Extron SME, SMP encoders.

XYZ Stream Hosting Extron Encoder Services Include:

  • Live RTSP, RTMP Video Streaming solutions for all Extron Streaming Media Video Encoders
  • Direct Video On Demand Hosting and FTP Solutions for Extron Video Encoders
  • Secure Online Video Storage Websites with CMS and protected User Access Accessibility
  • Share Point Video Playback Solutions
  • Complete Technical Support For All Extron SMP, SME Encoders
  • Video On Demand distribution for video broadcast after live streaming events via secure or public web sites

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Barix Audio Streaming Media Solutions

Barix Audio Streaming Media Solutions

Global stream hosting and delivery for all Barix products

Audio Streaming Solutions For Barix Audio Encoders/Decoders

XYZ Stream Hosting provides end to end streaming media delivery for all Barix products. Barix is used in thousands of installations worldwide and provides versatile, network-enabled, audio IP encoder suitable for audio distribution, monitoring and transmission purposes in Broadcast, Retail, Security and Entertainment industries alike.

Streaming Media Solutions Include:

  • Scalable Shoutcast, Icecast Internet Radio Streaming
  • RTMP Audio Streaming
  • MP3, AACplus, Audio Streaming
  • Scalable Regionalized Audio Streaming Solutions
OBS Studio

OBS Studio

OBS is a free and open-source software suite for recording and live streaming encoding. 

OBS Live Streaming

OBS Streaming Live Streaming Media Solutions Include:

  • Real-time source and device capture, scene composition, encoding, recording, and broadcasting.
  • Scalable RTMP video streaming and global delivery
  • Video encoding and streaming, OBS is capable of H.264/MPEG-4 AVC format and the H.265/HEVC format. Audio can be encoded using either the MP3 or AAC codecs
  • Video On Demand distribution for video broadcast after live streaming events via secure or public web sites/li>